What makes it possible for the concept of ‚strangeness’ to exist at all? That is the first question that comes to light here. The first condition is everyday life. ‚Everyday’ suggests familiarity. We create a feeling of security by filling our everyday life with as many familiar things as possible. Familiar things are repeating patterns, with which we fill in the gaps where the ‚unfamiliar’ could penetrate. By doing this, we do not encounter the ‚strange’.

How does the unknown confront us? The ‚unfamiliar’ is the ‚sting’ that jolts us out of the routine of our everyday life from time to time. It’s when we feel safe, we unexpectedly step into this ‚sting’, which frightens us. When we do something that is very familiar to us and do it almost unconsciously, cracks open up in which strangeness can seep, even in a very small measure; sometimes mysterious, sometimes unpleasant.

Here is a selection of my experimentations on this topic, which is my BA project at the University of the Arts Bremen in 2019.