Te I Um

born in Seoul, Korea,
based in Bremen, Germany

Illustrator / Animator / Graphic Designer

I want to have fun, be happy and enjoy my life while dealing with this serious world. Through my work, I try to show the world that can be funny, happy, sad and serious at times. Having empathy is the best way to understand one another and make the world a better place. My goal as a creative is to share stories (by me and others) with people in order to generate a better understanding of human relationships. But the journey to understanding must not be too serious. Laugh at the face of adversity.

2019–2022      MA in Integrated Design, University of Art Bremen 
2015–2019       BA  in Integrated Design, University of Art Bremen
2009–2013      Freelance Illustrator in South Korea

2003–2007     BA  in Cinema, Sangmyung university

Contact      contact.teium@gmail.com