Te I Um

born in Seoul, Korea,
based in Bremen, Germany

Illustrator / Animator / Graphic Designer

I want to have fun, be happy and enjoy my life while dealing with this serious world. Through my work, I try to show the world that can be funny, happy, sad and serious at times. Having empathy is the best way to understand one another and make the world a better place. My goal as a creative is to share stories (by me and others) with people in order to generate a better understanding of human relationships. But the journey to understanding must not be too serious. Laugh at the face of adversity.

2019 W/S-       MA in Studio School of Visual Combinations, University of Art Bremen 
2015-2019       BA  in Integrated Design, University of Art Bremen
2009-2013      Freelance Illustrator in South Korea

2003-2007     BA  in Cinema, Sangmyung university

Contact      alohateium@gmail.com